Freeship Bình Dương, HCM, Biên Hoà

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Freeship Bình Dương, HCM, Biên Hoà

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About us
Company name: Huong Moc Co., Ltd.
We were licensed by Binh Buong Department of Planning and Investment in November 2007, Certificate of Business registration: No. 4620003150 Business activities: “manufacturing of wood products”.
Head office: Land parcel No. 234, map sheet No. 21, Ward 3, Tan Dinh Ward, Ben Cat Town, Binh Duong.

As a manufacturer of furniture products branded “Huong Moc Furniture”.

Core values:

Strictly abide by the laws: All our business activities are based on the legal framework.
Business Ethics: All our business activities start from an ethical foundation..
Customers – Partners: All our business activities have our core interests in mind.
Business culture: Creative, dynamic, fun, gentle. Let’s talk to each other quantitatively, expressing the culture of behavior. When it happened, the first cause was me.
Welfare of employee: Our achievements are formed from the collective, sharing the achievements with the team is the responsibility to show compassion.


• Over 15 years of experience in manufacturing furniture for export and domestic retail, with the high-tech machinery system, we have manufactured Furniture products that meet various models and trend orientations.
• We combine the closed process from “Design to Production” in the perfect way. Professionalism, experience, and techniques reach all standards of each product that we manufacture.

• Our team is dedicated and honest people , all share the same desire to serve Customers with the best. We are formed from a trust, which is the mutual trust between us and our customers, and partners, between managers and employees, between colleagues and colleagues. Based on that truth, “Trust of customers and partners” is the strategic goal for us to pursue to the end.

• For public health, from the perspective of genuine workers, we are consistent and rigorous in choosing materials that meet international standards.

“Huong Moc Furniture”
is the best choice for Customers, who are oriented towards the environment as well as beauty!